Summer Juggling

Shush……The silence is deafening

Summer is here.

The sun is actually shining – and parents throughout the UK welcome the summer holidays with a sigh of relief.

Okay – that last sentence is a complete lie. 

Six weeks – six whole weeks – that 30 working days to fill with children’s entertainment. Or in my case eight weeks as the 12 year old kindly broke up a week before the 8 year and the 8 year is going back a week after the 12 year old.

My diary looks like someone has thrown up childcare arrangements all over – and I have that niggling feeling that I have forgotten something – or someone important. Probably one of my children.

Every week has a plan – and what can only be described as a rough schedule attached to that plan – with post it notes on top of the plan – and red circles highlighting the really important things on the post it notes.

The years in PR organising client events have nothing on the organisational precision and attention to detail that goes into summer holiday small thing planning.

This week they have been thrown at the in-laws – as I write they are on a boat somewhere on the River Wyre with Grandma and Grandpa. Well I think they are on a boat – I received a picture but all I could see was Grandma and Grandpa – and wine – and frankly a rather ropey looking boat – no sign of the small things. 

Have they already fallen in? Is the eight year old trapped under the boat (yep that was last night’s nightmare). 

The small things are at the in-laws all week, which should make me jump for joy at the sense of freedom I have – the evenings spread before me, dinner with friends planned and actual proper working days await me – however the house just seems a wee bit empty and just on the edge of quiet. Even the daft dog is wandering from room to room searching for something.

I think as parents we are never quite happy – we crave the silence. When the 12 year is pecking my head with her constant questions, opinions and smart arse answers, I beg her to be quiet – and now the house is silent, I’m craving the chaos.

Of course, those who know me will know that winesday awaits me – and the bliss of not having to do the school run is so far outweighing my craving for said chaos.

I also know that this weekend I am taking the small things to their first festival – and the neurotic worry that will accompany that ‘care-free’ adventure will be enough to occupy most of the quiet this week.

So all in all, I am going to try and enjoy the peace and quiet…really…I am.

Sarah Knight

Trainer and coach in communications. Plate spinner.

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