Easter dieting secrets

Get your summer body the easy way.

As I sit here happily scoffing one of the small thing’s Easter eggs for breakfast, I thought I would share my keep fit secrets with you.

Who needs Davina when you have these little secrets under your belt:

1. Sleep in your gym gear. Your body will believe by the very nature you are wearing your gym gear that you are exercising and will therefore burn additional calories as you dream a little dream. 

Note: you must also wear your trainers so your feet believe you are running through the night.

2. Watch exercise DVDs – the harder the better. I always find that Davinas are indeed the ultimate in exercise hell. By watching these videos alone you will burn fat. 

Note: if you tap your toe to the music = extra calories.

3. Go to the gym. For a coffee. The mere act of walking into a place of exercise counts as exercise. By walking into the gym and meeting a friend for a coffee (in your gym gear) you will burn calories. What’s the point of meeting in a local coffee shop when you know a coffee in the gym will result in weight loss!

4. Read recipes to help you lose weight. As you are eating the third Easter egg, it always helps if you flick through weight loss magazines reading and planning those recipes you would make if you could be bothered planning your food diary for the next 10 years.

5. Wine tea. Now this is really the best secret of them all. Substitute your final meal of the day with a bottle of wine. Simple, easy weight loss.

Now I have given away my secrets for weight loss success I’m off to find another Easter egg – in my trainers.

Sarah Knight

Trainer and coach in communications. Plate spinner.

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