Spinning Plates

Spinning plates

I spend my life spinning plates, jumping from one plate to another trying to keep them in the air. As I am sure most people do. In fact, at the risk of alienating people, as I am sure most mums do.

Many is the week that I end it with a to do list that not only includes the jobs I need to finish for work but also the jobs I need to start as a mum. Not to mention the whole household jobs (my front door has needed painting for two years).

I sometimes feel like weekends are about ticking boxes – mainly in the mum box. 

Be good mum, drink wine, play with small things, drink wine, see friends, drink wine, ferry small things to sporting activities, then drink wine and so it goes on.

And then there is the odd weekend when it all just comes together. The perfect weekend culminating in the perfect Sunday.

This weekend was my perfect weekend.

And the reason it’s been a perfect weekend is simply because I feel like I have been good mum without having to think about ticking any boxes. In fact I haven’t done much thunking all weekend.

The washing basket is still full, the ironing mountain is still high (not that I do that anyway) and the dentist appointments still need to be made but this weekend has just worked.

It started on Friday evening with an impromptu night out with a couple of girlfriends putting the world to rights over a bottle of Shiraz and some tapas. Saturday was all about some quality time with the nearly 10 year old and her inaugural concert involving JLS and thousands of screaming girls.

A lie-in on Sunday followed by a netball match where the nearly 10 year old got ‘man of the match’ has been followed by the arrival of my cousins and their little ones. The afternoon – an afternoon of house wrecking for the small things and gossip and catch up for the grown-ups.

The french doors were open, a tent was erected (sort of) in the garden and the Sunday dinner was inhaled. And this was all followed up by a glass of wine over the garden fence with the neighbours. 

The small things are now in the land of nod and I am at one with the couch. 

The best bit of this weekend – I don’t feel like I have ticked any boxes.

I don’t feel like I have done something I had to to keep the plates spinning. I just did.

The weekend just happened and I am content.

Here’s to many more weekends like this.

Sarah Knight

Trainer and coach in communications. Plate spinner.

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