I’m a proper embarrassing mum.

I’m a proper embarrassing mum. 

And I’m proud.

This evening I am taking the nearly 10 year old to her first gig. 

Well when I say gig I actually mean pop concert. I was just trying to be urban cool.

We are off to JLS. She’s pretty excited, mainly as it gives her such kudos in the playground.  Yes JLS does indeed deliver kudos to nearly 10 year olds.

She has seen fit to deliver a number of instructions to me about our quality mother daughter afternoon. The first and most important rule of our outing today is that I haven’t to embarrass her. 

Red rag. Bull.

I’m quite mortified at this (well I’m pretending to be) – how can I embarrass my nearly 10 year old. 

I am cool – well once a 6 year old said I was the coolest mum in the playground which counts -doesn’t it?

I don’t do much to embarrass her, I get down with the kids. 

And then it dawned on me. I do embarrass her. 

Have I become that fun mum that is making the nearly 10 year old cringe in her uber cool high tops. Maybe I am just trying too hard to get down with the kids. 

And then there is the other reason. The big reason. I can’t help myself. I quite like making her cringe. It makes me laugh. A lot. When she starts to get embarrassed, I always have to take it a step further. 

On the way into school on Tuesday morning, as she was walking into class I ran up to her and smothered her in kisses, telling her I didn’t know how I was going to cope all day without her. Her mates laughed. I chortled to myself all the way back to the car.

On the way to netball on Tuesday evening when I had a car full of her friends, I played my 80s tunes really loudly (I consider this education) and then as we got out of the car I showed them all how to robotic dance. Cool, yes? Her mates laughed.

And then my favourite trick of the week. I allowed both small things to go to school on their scooters which I would then carry home. The 6 year old was duly dropped off at his classroom and his stunt scooter was passed into the care of me – the responsible adult. It then made perfect sense to get on said scooter and race the nearly 10 year old through the playground to beat her to her classroom. As I jumped off the scooter and punched the air winner styli, her mates laughed.

What she doesn’t know is that when she then gave up her scooter to me, a few of us mums had a scooter race down the road. We rocked urban cool as we synchronised our scooting. People stared. I know they were just jealous.

I know she laughs too. I know it gives her permission to have fun. 

Sarah Knight

Trainer and coach in communications. Plate spinner.

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