Do whatever job you like

Do whatever job you like, 

but NEVER be a traffic warden.

It’s a simple lesson in life. There’s a whole host of jobs out there but my small things know that the one job they are not allowed to do is to be a traffic warden.

If they dare to be a traffic warden, they shall be written out of my unsubstantial will immediately. In fact I think I may already have added the traffic warden clause.

Now I know that there may be people out there that know a traffic warden (in my view you should immediately unfriend them) and I know that this may offend a few people but traffic wardens are wrong.

This may be a sweeping generalisation but they are all wannabe policeman (or women) who couldn’t get in the force.

They patrol the streets with their walkie talkies effectively trying to ruin people’s days. Imagine aspiring to a job where you just want to p*ss people off.

One of the best run-ins I have ever witnessed with a traffic warden was when the (then) husband was ‘Code Red’d’ by the traffic warden in the street – in our street. Code Red for those of you who don’t know is when a traffic warden screams into his walkie talkie CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED and lots of other traffic wardens come a running to protect him. The (then) husband has simply told the traffic warden not to put a ticket on his car in the street where he lived.

I rest my case. Traffic wardens are wrong.

Sarah Knight

Trainer and coach in communications. Plate spinner.

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